Safety 2: Installation & getting started

Start using the next iteration of the world's leading Python dependency scanner

Safety 2 is the next iteration of our industry-leading Python dependency scanner. Safety 2 is the best way to check your Python dependencies for security vulnerabilities and other compliance risks. It's our swiss-army knife tool that can be used in a variety of ways and situations, from securing developer machines, to build pipelines and production systems.

Safety 2 is available for download from PyPi.


You can install Safety 2 beta directly from PyPi using the following pip command:

pip install safety

Getting started

Once install, you can run a vulnerability scan on your Python dependencies in your current environment.

safety check --key <YOUR-API-KEY>

Or scan the dependencies in a particular requirements file:

safety check -r requirements.txt --key <YOUR-API-KEY>

What’s Next

Learn more about using Safety 2.0 and configuration your input options