Run your first security scan

Get a PyUp account

Before diving into our guides and tutorials, if you don't have one already you'll first need to get a PyUp account, which will give you access to an API key and our scanning and security tools.

πŸ“ Run your first security scan

Running your first scan in the command line only takes a few seconds! Open up your command line, and navigate to the Python repository or codebase you want to run a security scan on.

Download our Safety CLI from PyPi:

pip install safety

And now run the security scan using Safety:

safety check --key <your_api_key>

(You can find your API key on your account dashboard when you create an account or log into PyUp).

In this example, Safety is scanning your local Python environment for every package or dependency that is installed and checking it against our industry-leading Python Dependency Vulnerability database.

It's that easy!

Next steps

Now that you've run your first security scan, you can get started securing your systems

What’s Next

Implement security scans in your build and production systems